Tools to Clarify Your Strong Offer

Tools to Clarify Your Strong Offer

$ 137.00

October 7, 2017 from 1-4pm

South Whidbey Island, near Seattle


($99 for 2017 Project 137 participants; use code P137)

A strong offer is an offer of yourself (your love, your talent, your art) without comparing yourself to others, without attachment to how that offer will be received, without a story attached to the offer, and with detachment from the outcome. A strong offer comes from your core.

Do you have so many things you are interested in and capable of doing that you actually wonder what REALLY matters to you? Do you find tackling a large project daunting and observe yourself putting off making the plans needed to bring your dreams to reality? Is going deeper into an issue challenging to know what kinds of questions to ask to get the insight you need? Would you like to leave a more significant mark on the world by being able to focus more clearly?

Mary Anne Radmacher and Patti Digh have published nearly two dozen books between them and have decades of experience working with individuals and groups to facilitate the discovery and implementation of Strong Offers. Radmacher’s signature art is in homes and offices around the world. Digh’s work has taken her to 60 different countries and she presents LIFE IS A VERB CAMP each autumn. Come join them for this accessible and economical engagement with practical and meaningful practices…and add a few tools to your own discovery tool box.

You will:

  • Learn a process that will transform your project and event planning and make any meeting you hold or direct substantially shorter and measurably more productive;
  • Embark on a surprising guided writing journey that will demonstrate what truly matters to you;
  • Explore in words and images your core values, and learn how to connect your “work” in the world to those values;
  • Create a set of core questions connected to those values that will help you know when to say “yes” and when to say “no” to opportunities that arise; and
  • Create a toolbox of tools for discernment through all these processes.