Online Class: Organizing Your Writing Life (ONLINE CLASS)

Online Class: Organizing Your Writing Life (ONLINE CLASS)

$ 137.00

“I know I wrote that down. Where did I put it?”

“It’s in this pile somewhere!"

“I feel like I have to start over, but how?”

“I have so many ideas that I lose.”

“There are boxes of notes up in the attic.”

“I don’t know where to start.”

Each week of this course, you’ll have access to:

  • Our private online classroom resources and handouts
  • Homework Assignments (very important!)
  • You will also be invited to join Patti’s private “Organize Your Writing Life” Facebook page where you’ll find ongoing resources and conversation with other writers.

You will learn:

  • What is keeping you disorganized
  • How your disorganization is keeping you from writing
  • How you use your time, and how that may be fragmenting your writing
  • How to be aware of and intentional about your “choice points” as a disorganized writer
  • What your writing patterns are, whether they are serving you, and how to change the ones that aren’t
  • What the “structure of your land” is relative to writing — in order to create change that will last
  • This is not a tips and hints course, but is a deeper dive into “why” as well as “how”
  • Technology-based and analog systems for creating order in your writing life
  • How to use both sides of your brain in organizing

You will create:

  • An organization system that is unique to you and that will be sustainable
  • A deeper understanding of yourself as a writer: what blocks and stops you and what frees you
  • A set of writing rituals that will signal that writing time has arrived in order to build a consistent practice
  • Models that provide a visual representation of intangible patterns in your life so you can change them, if needed
  • And more….

FEB 18 - MAR 26, 2019